Packaging is a brand's greatest tool to engage the consumer. Container Glass as a packaging can influence a consumer's purchase decision, such as:

  • Reseal ability
  • Enhanced product shelf life
  • Convenient storage
  • Ease of opening
  • Protection from numerous environmental factors
  • Premium Look

As an added benefit to your brand and product, Emerge Glass can manufacture Glass containers in numerous shape or size: tall, short, broad, wide-mouthed jars , easily meeting your specific requirements across various markets, segments.
Emerge Glass can also help you in sales promotions or size changes delivering a completely customizable product efficiently; so your product stands out , adding value to the hard work of your Brand Managers and Product development teams. Finally our in-house design house shall ensure prompt response on any new product development or value engineering in exhisting shapes.
Emerge Glass can provide a complete Packaging solution to your Brand to offer you opportunity to -

  • Select a bottle from the collection
  • Personalize your Glass bottle with embossing of your brand
  • Select the bottle size
  • Select a bottle finish
  • Choose to create a custom bottle.